Monday, April 30, 2012

Wildflower Session

Had so much fun with our wildflower sessions this year, take a peak at some of my favorite photos....

My Animoto Video

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sweet Lilly Brooke...9 Days New--Ocala Newborn Photographer

I have known the Roberson family now for about 6 years and have been taking their family pics
for about 2.

I was so excited when they told me they would be having another baby and adding to their 2 girls already.  I just knew it'd be a girl and okay I was hoping for another girl for them because Hannah and Macey are just the cutest sweetest things! 

Boy is their dad going to be in for it in about 10-15 years, Kevin get your shotgun ready.

Here are some of my favorites from Lilly's Session....She is part of Watch Me Grow plan so she will be coming back every 3 months...yay! ;-)


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Savvy Photo Engagement Contest- Ocala, Florida

Here it is!!! My first engagement contest. 

 I am so excited and happy for the brides to be...nothing sweeter than love!!! 

Listed below are photos of our entries and stories they submitted to me.  The photos with the most votes on January 15th, 2012 will recieve a complimentary engagement session and $150.00 off a wedding package if they decide to use Savvy Photo as their photographer.  The engagement session does not include prints or digital files BUT winner will recieve 50 wallets of one photo for friends and family, and online gallery of their photos will be available as well as 5 facebook photos.  Second place will recieve 50% off an engagement session.  All entries will recieve $150 off a wedding package win or lose!

The rules are:

1.  If you are on Facebook, please like Savvy Photo and then your favorite photo in the album entited Engagement Session Contest. 

2.  A second vote will count if you leave a comment on this blog stating which girl you are voting for!

3.  How to maximize your votes:  Encourage friends and family to LIKE Savvy Photo and vote for your photo. You can share the album on their walls but state that being a fan of Savvy Photo is required. 

4.  Please play nice :)  No badgering, bribing, back-stabbing, cat-fighting, you get the idea.... Let's keep this fun!

Kelly Cross

We actually met online on POF lol. When he proposed I was really sick (i had a lot of complications when I was pregnant and after I had our son). So while I was resting in bed he asked me to marry him. :) Then on our trip to Disney for Christmas he asked me all over again. (he thought I deserved a better proposal in our fav place to go! 

Coral Dimaggio
We met at the end of march of 2011 in a new restaurant that opened up called sweet tomatoes. He was a cook and i was a cashier. we would always look over at each other but never spoke just smiled. then on April 10,2011 i went to work but they sent me home because they didint need more people so that day before i left i walked up to him and asked him for his number. We began talking day and night non stop then on April 13, 2011 we began dating. Not minding our age diffefrence of 7 yrs. (Hes 26 and 19) and not mindidng all the stuff that went on in our past. hes divorced with a kid. Then i had moved in with him but he went into the hospital and i was with him day and night for the whole month of may until he came out. i never left his side. we decided to both move into my parents house where they accepted him like a son. and on June 25 we found out we were pregnant. On October 7th i decided to take him to Marco Island where my parents own a condo so that we could celebrate his bday and the night we got there we had dinner at a delicious italian restaurante, then out of no where he asked if we could go to the beach at like almost 8pm so we did. when we went there it was perfect the lady fish were all jumping out of the water like crazy. i was taking pictures when he got behind me and said look take pictures of the fish then he said turn around and take a picture of this when i turned around he was down on one knee with a beautiful ring. and he asked me if i would marry him. and i said yes we both cried but were very happy. we might of moved a little too fast but its all working out and we are still happily in love.


Jennifer Cannici

We went to the movies w mutual friends and never saw each other in the theatre after the group got together at Applebee's . I was there before him.....when the rest of the group walked in we locked eyes and in that moment we both just knew this was something different.....we talked all night at our end of the table ....we just connected the proposal was awesome too we were at Fiores and he had the entire thing arranged ....roses on the table r song in the background glasses w r names engraved....chocolate covered strawberries w my family there he got down on one knee and was awesome!!

Haleigh Eacho
Grayson met Haleigh their first sememster of college in 2007, when they both worked at Best buy. After spending 6 hours talking in the parking lot after work on black friday that year, they became inseparable. 2 years later, Grayson decided to join the airforce to better his future and future withHaleigh. After signing, Graysons Dad had passed away and he was asked by his recruiter if this is still something he wanted to do. Grayson wanted to make his family proud, so they sent him on his way September 28, 2010 to Basic Training. Grayson and Haleigh almost spent a year apartbecause of training, but she traveled back and forth from Florida to Texas and Florida to Mississippi
many times. Grayson graduated from his tech school and came home to pack up the U haul and Haleigh in July 2011. They were now moving to his first duty station at Tinker Air Force Base inOklahoma city, Oklahoma. Creeping up to their 4 year mark together, Grayson has decided it was time to pop the question. On 11-11-11 Grayson and Haleigh went out to dinner for veterans day. When they got home Grayson got on one knee at 11:11 pm and asked Haleigh to marry him. SHE SAID YES!! and now they are planning their special day on May 20, 2012 in Ocala, Florida while she and Grayson are living in Oklahoma. The picture we chose is one that means alot to us.
It is the first time seeing each other after Basic Training in San Antonio, Texas. 

Dianna Paglia

Mark and I met in 2009 at a local dance studio where we were, and still are, both instructors at. On Dec. 24, 2011, he front of my huge Italian family I might add. It was the most romantic speech I've heard. And, let me tell you, it definitely took some guts to propose in front of my family. ;0)  He means the world to me and it would so wonderful to have photos taken of us to announce our engagement. 

Thanks so much to our contestants for their entries.  Remember votes will be taken until January 15th:)  Have fun!! All my best, Kristina

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Recent Family Sessions

We have been busy this season with lots of family photos....and why not, people are off school/work and the weather is perfect! Here are some of my favorite photos from recent family sessions :)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

New Pricing Structure Effective January 2012

Mini Sessions - $60.00  Includes a 30 minute session, my time taking pictures and editing, a complimentary 5x7, and 15-20 images in a password protected online gallery.

Full Sessions- $100.00  Includes a 1-2 hour session, my time taking pictures and editing, a complimentary 8x10, and 30-40 images in a password protected online gallery.

Newborn Sessions- $250.00  Includes a 3 hour session, my time taking pictures and editing, 20-25 images in a password protected online gallery, and choice of either 20 birth announcements, 4x6 leather brag book, or a specialty framed 8x10 photo.

Belly to Baby Session- $300.00  Includes a 1 hour maternity session and complete newborn session.

Watch me Grow Plan- $500.00  Includes complete Newborn Session, mini sessions at 4, 6, 9, and 1 year.   A disc of photos will be available for a discounted rate of $100.00.

 DVD of all Photos from a session is $200.00.
*** $60.00 in prints is ordered, DVD will be available at 50% off.
***$150.00 print order or more, DVD of photos included :)

Keep an eye on our facebook page for current promotions we are running and mini session specials!

Winter Mini Sessions were a Success!

Whew, Im beat....25 sessions later and we are done with our first season of Winter Mini Sessions.  I think they went very well and I hope that everyone had a good time.  I got to see some old friends and meet new ones.  Hope to see you all again in 2012!